My Roots

Hi Guys,

I just got this info from my father. Below is the roots where I'm coming from . As the names given is from verbal communication I don't expect it to be 100% correct anyhow whoever has the information on any names (my ancestor) please contact me ASAP as I really want to learn on my roots. farwo

1) Ponikin b. Kasan Semito (My grandfather, he migrated to Malaysia when he was 12 years old)
2) Kasan Semito b. Kanjeng Sarivijoyo
3) Kanjeng Sarivijoyo b. Kanjeng Tulus Sawito
4) Kanjeng Tulus Sawito b. Kanjeng Gatot Suroyo (Tulus was expelled to Suriname by Dutch)
5) Kanjeng Gatot Suroyo b. Kanjeng Senewon Sultan Hamid GanjarNegara.

Kanjeng Senewon Sultan Hamid Ganjar Negara is Sultan Negeri SoloTigo.