Javanese Language is actually come from the same root as the other South East Asia Languages such Mandailing,Banjar and all other samall ethnic in Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Thais, Brunei and Southern Philippines. Javanese language usage can be estimated around 40 to 50 million (please correct if I'm wrong). This is the strong reason why we should maintain and flourish this language inorder for it not to be extinct in this new world of technology. We hope by doing this , we can help other none Javanese or even Javanese to learn their mother language. The words in this dictionary was taken from my knowledge of the language. Please forgive me for any mistake and for those who would like to share with me your Javanese knowledge, please send a mail to me.

Malay Language Javanese Language English Language
Abang Kakang Elder brother
Acuh Rak peduli Not pay attention
Ada Enek Have
Adik Adi Younger brother
Air Banyu Water
Akal Pikirang Intelligence
Akan Arek Will
Ambil Jokok Take
Ampian Memiang Clothes-line
Ampun Ngapuro Forgiveness
Anai-Anai Rayap Termite
Awak Siro You
Angan Angen Day-dreaming
Angkat Gotong Lift
Angsa Ongso Goose
Anting-anting Sonteng Earrings
Api Geni Fire
Arang Areng Charcoal
Asap Asep Smoke
Atap Bombong Roof
Atas Dowor Top
Awal Gasik Early
Ayam Petek Chicken